Star Swiss Screw Machine

Star Swiss CNC Machines

PMP’s 7-axis Star Swiss CNC machines enable us to produce complex turned parts with diameters ranging from .012” to .814” and 30” in length while holding tolerances as tight as +- .0001”. The Star Swiss machines have the capability to turn, drill, mill, orientate, and index manufacturing parts with complex geometries and intricate features. These brand new state-of-the-art CNC machines require minimal operator intervention allowing PMP to offer the most competitive pricing on the market.


  • Produce complex turned parts from .012” to .814” diameter
  • Produce parts up to 30” in length
  • Drill holes up to 3.94” deep
  • Hold general tolerances as tight as ± .0001”
  • Six back working tools to create complex geometries
  • Cross drill on the front and rear sides
  • Operations in Milling, Grinding, Slotting, Bending, Crimping, and Thread Rolling

Tornos Screw Machines

Tornos Swiss Automatic Screw Machines allow PMP MFG to produce the highest quality turned parts in the industry. The Swiss automatics use a guide bushing to support the raw material and sliding headstock ensuring that tight tolerances are met consistently.

The Tornos mechanical screw machines can manufacture parts that are longer than 5 times their turned diameters, and diameters up to .787”. With spindle stop, indexing capabilities, automatic bar loaders, and live tooling to minimize secondary operations, PMP can maintain extremely competitive price points.


  • Produce complex turned parts from .040” to .787” diameter
  • Produce parts up to 2.5” in length
  • Drill holes up to .600” deep
  • Hold general tolerances as tight as ± .0002”
  • Extensive drilling and threading capabilities
  • Spindle and indexing capabilities to produce complex geometries
  • Cross drilling on front and back side
Vertical CNC Lathes

Vertical Mills

PMP’s 4-axis, computer-controlled horizontal and vertical CNC machines and cutting-edge computer aided designing systems enable them to produce high-quality parts with dimensions of up to 5” in length, 8” in width, and 2” in height.

In addition to milling and drilling, PMP can perform more advanced techniques, including knurling, counterboring, and threading, to create complicated geometries and multifaceted structures while holding tight tolerances of up to ±0.0005”.

Our CNC machines enable us to take on high and low volume orders meeting customers’ tolerances and required lead times while maintaining competitive price points.


  1. Produce parts 44” in length by 20.5” wide by 20.5” thick
  2. Maximum weight capacity up to 1,000lbs
  3. Repeatability of up to .00008”
  4. Hold general tolerances up to .0001”
  5. General machining capabilities include Boring, Drilling, Grinding, Knurling, Milling, Polishing, Reaming, and Deburring
  6. Machines can perform broaching, Deep Hole Drilling, Hard Milling, Shaping, and Slotting
  7. Thread cutting capabilities include External Thread Cutting, Internal Thread Cutting, Tapping, Thread Milling, and Single Point Threading

Okuma CNC Lathes L250

PMP’s CNC lathes have sturdy construction, built in one piece with a horizontal way system and hand-scraped headstock and tailstock mounting surfaces, these machines provide stability, rigidity and accuracy for a variety of applications. PMP’s CNC lathes have two-axis and perform a wide range of operations while holding extremely tight tolerances.


  1. Turns parts with maximum diameter of 11.02”
  2. Turns parts as long as 11.42”
  3. Holds general tolerances as tight as ±.0003
  4. Performs many high accuracy operations including Turning, Facing, Grooving, and Drilling
  5. High capacity tools
  6. Automatic scrap ejection
  7. Ability to turn at 98 ft/min, 3000RPM, and 300horsepower

Enclosed 30-Watt Laser Engraver

PMP’s enclosed 30-Watt laser engraver uses high peak power control systems and excellent beam quality to mark metal components of all material types.


  1. Marking depth of up to 0.3mm
  2. Line width as narrow as .02mm
  3. Marking speeds as fast as 9000mm/s
  4. Fiber laser wavelengths up to 1064nm
  5. 30-Watt Peak Laser power
  6. Beam quality of less than 1.4 square meters
  7. Laser pulse frequencies from 20-80Khz
EDM Machine

EDM Mitsubishi MD Pro

PMP’s Mitsubishi EDM machines produce the most accurate machined EDM parts possible. The machine uses cylindrical drive technology and linear shaft motors to provide high speed, high precision machining in both the X and Y axis. In addition, its robust, highly rigid machine structure further improves accuracy.

The EDM also has advanced sensors and controls to allow for faster production with zero compromise to quality. A specialized, anti-electrolysis power supply suppresses electrolytic corrosion to prevent surface oxidation allow for even tighter general tolerances.


  1. Produces parts as large as 31.9″ x 27.6″ x 8.5″
  2. Maximum submerged weight up to 1102lb
  3. Holds general tolerances as tight as ± .0001”
  4. Cuts as precise as .004”
  5. Performs submerged machining up to 8.7” deep
  6. Uses a non-contact, zero backlash, XY drive system
  7. Uses fiber optic connections to product parts four times faster than the typical EDM

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