About us

PMP has over 30 years of experience in CNC milling, turning, CNC Swiss screw machining and EDM services. We are not limited to machining standard materials such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel. PMP has extensive experience machining Kovar, Inconel, Alumel and Chromel to name a few.  Quick turnaround for a prototype to high volume production with most materials is four weeks. With over 30 years’ experience, our staff of design engineers can issue a detail quotation.

About PMPIn addition to our extensive machining capabilities located in Clifton, NJ, we have developed offshore partnerships with quality suppliers in China. For over 10 years, PMP has supplied high volume, low-cost solutions for those applications that require offshore manufacturing.

Our extensive capabilities continue to expand with the addition of three Star Swiss CNC turning machines, Okuma CNC Lathes, high-speed polishing and de-burring equipment and wire EDM equipment to produce components. PMP is your one source supplier for all your machining requirements. Please contact us with your manufacturing requirements.